We build Bio Gas Generating systems using very advanced technologies. Our Biogas systems rely on the natural interaction between micro-organisms and organic wastes. The organic waste can be manure. The micro-organisms interact with the organic waste to produce clean and energy efficient burnable gas. The gas is distributed through a network of pipes and is used for cooking and heating. The Gas is organic and utilises a waste material that would be thrown away.


Our biogas systems come in many shapes and sizes. However, they always rely on the same basic principle.
Our systems harness the power of micro-organisms through a process called anaerobic digestion.
The organic material is collected from the inlet pipes and is send to the digester. The micro-organisms break down the organic material. During the breakdown process, methane gas is released. This gas is then piped to the houses for heating and cooking.
Lastly, after the organic waste has been broken down, it is pushed through an outlet and used as fertiliser.