Our Products and Services

Bio Gas Generation

Our Biogas systems rely on the natural interaction between micro-organisms & organic wastes. During the breakdown process, methane gas is released. This gas is then piped to the houses for heating and cooking.

Digester Bacteria

We have various Bacterias for all uses. We have Bio digester Bacteria to activate your Bio Digester. Septic Tank Bacteria for your Septic Tank, this makes sure your system doesn't clog up. We also have Pit latrine bacteria.

Plumbing Services

We handle all kinds of plumbing needs. If you are building a new home, remodeling the home or upgrading fixtures, we are ready to serve you. We handle all kinds of plumbing needs nationwide.

Water Filtration

We provide water treatment solutions. We have products that purify murky and dirty water to acceptable levels that can be used in the house. Our products are 100% Natural and Herbal. No harmful chemicals in our filtration products.