Septic Tank Bacteria – 250g

KSh 3,000

Benefits of Septic Tank Bacteria

    • Reduces foul odour, clogging & overflow 
    • Bacteria & enzymes effectively degrade sludge
    • Safe for PVC drain lines and all types of septic tanks
    • Robust bacteria perform in cold climatic conditions
    • It lowers the level of the sludge
    • Bacteria multiplies with time.
    • Degrades grease and fat.


Keep your septic tank clean and functioning properly with our specially formulated Septic Tank Bacteria. This powerful blend of bacteria is designed to break down organic matter and waste in your septic tank, reducing the need for frequent pumping and maintenance. Simply add a spoonful of the bacteria to your septic tank every few weeks to keep it running smoothly.

Our Septic Tank Bacteria is safe and effective, with no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. It’s also easy to use, with 250g of bacteria in each jar, enough to last for several months. Keep your septic tank running efficiently and effectively with our Septic Tank Bacteria.


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